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The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us

by Beach Slang

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Throwaways 02:15
No, these streets don't feel like love. They're not hungry or wild enough. It's a dead end town for trash like us, but I got a full tank and a couple bucks. I mean, I never got nothing and I never want much, but, man, we've got to get out. No, these streets ain't got no guts. They're like sad sex with clumsy tongues. It's a battlefield for restless punks. And the cops are jocks and all that junk. We just want to read our books and turn our stereos up. Man, we've got to get out. There's a light on those filthy streets where the throwaways get weird and free. Are you in with me? Does it cut you enough? There's a time to bleed and a time just to fucking run.
The sound of your heart is wired to break. Too fucked up to love, but too soft to hate. The hum of your lungs is my favorite thing and the air you shove out into my mouth. I've always felt stuck, alone or ashamed. The gutter's too tough, the stars are too safe. I'm always that kid always out of place. I try to get found, but I've never known how. I'm tracing the lines on your handsome face, the scars on your arms, the shape of your veins. We are not alone. We are not mistakes. Don't whisper now. We're allowed to be loud.
Noisy Heaven 02:29
The night is alive. It's loud and I'm drunk, kissing a mic and singing about us. The songs I make, I barely rehearse them. They're hardly mistakes. They're meant to be honest. I'm way out of tune, turned up to eleven and floating around this noisy heaven. Most of the words get stuck in my mouth, but I mean all the ones that punch their way out. Our heads are blurry. Our hearts are sure things. I bet on you to make me nervous, to stay dangerous. Good love is not safe. The night is alive. It's loud and I'm drunk.
I feel most alive when I'm listening to every record that hits harder than the pain. I try a lot to write. I try to use my brain. But every time I try, my heart gets in the way. I've never been alright. I've never been okay. I never cared if I was cool, fit in or anything. I have an absent mind. I'm never listening. I'm a kind of misfit kid just floating in this daze. Ride the wild haze. I get really high. I stay up for days. I come back down and somehow things are all the same. Let's get fucking wild, holy and strange. Let's make the loudest sounds until we feel something. Ride the wild haze. Get high enough to feel alive.
Too young to die, too late to die young. I try to fight, but get high and give up. I ain't ever felt loved. The punks are wired and these records feel tough. It's loud and wild, but, I swear, it feels soft. Yeah, it's always enough. It's always been enough. There's honesty in these neon lights. We're animals, drunk and alive. I swear, right now I'm alright. The lowest lives, the desperate ones, you are the light of the damaged and fucked. Baby, turn your heart up. There's honesty in these neon lights. We're animals, drunk and alive. I swear, right now I'm alright.
I can't think with all this noise. I break guitars. I Waits my voice to feel again by damaging perfect sound. If rock and roll is dangerous, how come I feel so safe in it? I have learned how to destroy, to irritate and to annoy with clumsy hearts and honest frets and ugly sound. If rock and roll is dead again, how come I can't stop listening? The night is young. The freaks are out. The wild hum of drugs and sound. The basement is alive and loud. We're alright now.
Go truth or dare like brats tonight. It's wild. Go shake your Cher. Go bake a dime. We are young and alive. Go bang the snares and amplifiers. It's wild. Take down your hair. Wake up the night. We are young and alive. Go barely care with all your might. It's wild. Go scare your skull. Bring it to life. We are young and alive. Go punch the air with things you write. It's wild. We are awake with hearts to riot. We are young and alive.
Porno Love 02:42
California's full of porno love, lunatics and liars and kids like us. We took a lot of time, but not enough drugs. It's heaven.
I hardly ever listen because it's all a lie. Almost everything is a waste of time. I never really care and I never really try. It never really matters so, whatever, nevermind. I'm mostly kind of holy, but that's half a lie. I've got a pretty clean heart, but a dirty mind. Got a foot in the gutter and the other in the light. I was born all wrong but I'm dying alright. I'm a hard luck kid so why even try? I'm a nowhere bum. I'm dumb. I don't mind. Nothing really happens if you think it might. And nothing really changes when you change your mind. I try to shake it off, try to get alive, but, really, I'm okay kind of getting by. I'm a hard luck kid so why even try? I'm a nowhere bum. I'm dumb. I don't mind.
Dirty Lights 02:57
What we are is not under control. We're the kids who won't do what we're told. All the words that I carve out of my throat, they keep me alive, but keep me alone. So, I shove those things in microphones to feel like I might matter. I don't. Wrap your scars around my radio. Let it hit soft and sweet and slow. Baby, spit in my mouth so I can hold all of the junk you've ever been told. I'm a last chance bet, a neon ghost, but, man, the dirtiest lights shine the most. I blur all this hurt into sound.


Recorded June of 2015 at The Gradwell House In Haddon Heights, NJ by Dave Downham.

Mastered at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY by Alan Douches.


released October 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Beach Slang Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly.

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